Glogon, Austria Hungary


In 1765 they came from villages from Germany, with names as Oppenau, Offenburg, Anspach, Honau, Labach, Oberacker, Zela, Durbach and Ulm. Villages from Dauendorf, Gundershoffen and Fostheim Bas-Rhein, France (also known as Alsace Lorraine or Alsatia). There were people from Hungary, Moravia, Bohemia and Croatia. These were our ancestors from Glogon Austria Hungary.

Glogon is known by several names, Glogon or Glogau, Austria Hungary, Galagonyas Hungary, and today is known as Glogonj, Yugoslavia. It is located approximately 15miles NE of Pancevo, Yugoslavia.

The German families lived together with the Romanian families in Glogon from 1765-1944 as many as 5 generations lived and farmed the land. Strong in their faith, there was St. Annaís Catholic Church and the Romanian Church.

About the early 1900ís many families began to leave Glogon, for a better life in Canada and the United States. They went to Saskatchewan, Canada, others came to Los Angeles, California, St. Louis, Missouri, and New York, New York. There they started life again in an unknown place, no money and not knowing the local language. Just as there ancestors had begun in Glogon 135 years before them. Most were young families, the parents in their 20-30, with infants and young children. They must have had it hard, but they were hardy people, they worked hard, saved money, sent for more family.

By this time Europe was involved in WWI, times must have been very bad. The Germans were being forced to comply with the new Hungarian laws. More left Glogon joining families already abroad. Then the horrors of WWII. In 1944 after WWII, the war may have ended but the nightmare was just beginning. The German families were forced out of their homes. Men were executed, women and children were sent to prison camps. After 179 years Glogon was no longer a German Village. Most families have never returned to visit to this day.

The records I researched were films available from the LDS library, Glogonj, Yugoslavia Catholic Church.


#1190288 Births 1765-1830, Marriages 1770-1830 Deaths 1770-1830

#1190289 Births 1831-1846 Marriages 1830-1851 Deaths 1831-1847

#1190290 Births 1847-1869 Deaths 1848-1872

While searching for my own family I realized that 1/2 the village was related to each other one way or another. Therefore I abstracted the entire Catholic Church records, and have over 10,000 people born, married and died in Glogon. So if you have family from Glogon, you must be a cousin.

Through the wonders of technology , I found Glogonj on a web site. I have been in contact with Dorel Vostinar a current resident of Glogonj. Through his web-site we can learn the history of Glogon and be in contact with today's Glogonj. He has been very kind, in sharing his knowledge of the history, as well as taking pictures for us to see what Glogonj looks like today. We have become friends through technology. He has been a very big help in my research, and for this I thank him.

So enjoy our Web Site...and I hope that through my research you will find your roots in Glogon, Austria Hungary the home of my fatherís parents.

Kathy Tirheimer Lara