Berner Double Wedding Celebration


Written for a German Newspaper in Los Angeles, Ca

 translated by Hilde Berner Obrieton


            In the circle of their children, mother, as well as many relatives and friends, Josef Berner and his wife Franziska (born Liebzeit) both from Glogon in the Banat, celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on the 17th of Jan. 1934 at their home at 3718 Crawford Street.


            At the same time their son Josef Berner Jr. and Miss Franziska Schmidt were married.  At 7:30 the wedding guests assembled and at 9:00 they marched to the accompaniment of music to the Roman Catholic Church of St. Stephens, where Pastor Mathias Lani first joined the younger pair in holy matrimony and afterwards had the parents affirm their vows for their 25th anniversary and asked a blessing for continued unity in their lives.  After the wedding everyone returned again, with music, to the Hochzeitshaus, (a house where a wedding is being celebrated) where a sumptuous banquet awaited the guests.  Everything that the kitchen and the cellar could deliver was here.  Likewise, many lovely wedding gifts were presented to the bridal pair.  Mrs. Noll, Buechler, Peter, Sostriez, Eva Poss, Kriska and Hock served as bridesmaids.  At the wedding feast-meal Mrs. Hock presented a group wedding gifts along with a poem.  After that, Mr. Hock congratulated and expressed best wishes to both couples, in the name of all friends and all those present.  The silver anniversary pair received with great applause.  Much amusement prevailed among the guests.  Then the Tanzbeine (dancing legs) were swung and our friend Josef Poss enchanted us with many a fox-trot, waltz and czardas from his squeeze box.  As the rooster crowed for the third time, some started to make their way home.  We separated ourselves from the festivities with much difficulty.


We salute you, the celebrating pair

With affection and a sincere wish

May God keep you another 25 years

Until in glory a golden wreath adorns you.


            Present were: Mother Elenora Berner, Kinder Fraulein (Nanny) Anna Berner, Josef Berner, sister Marie Stein and husband, S. Waller, Nephew Steve J. Stein and John Stein, Elizabeth Schmidt, Mary Corbach, George Lute, Alfred Don, Mrs. George E. Tyler, Mrs. F.L. Austin Jr., Mr. And Mris. A Bierbaumer, Mrs. Schmidt, Mr. And Mris. A. Baumann, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Mueller, Mr. Wilhelm Walz and Mrs. Mary Schmidt.


Written by one who was present.