Name :   Jim
Date :   09-08-2009
URL/Email :
Comments :   I am the grandson of Stanley 
Stewart Ambrose, b 1900, Sunderland, Co Durham, 
England. His father was Thomas Steward Ambrose, 
b 1857, Stow, Norfolk, England: If anyone can 
connect with the following marriages, then I 
would be glad to hear from you. G

Name :   Wendy Lorrain
Date :   August 2, 2009
URL/Email :
Comments :   Greetings from Dauphin MB. I am 
doing some amateur research on my family tree. 
My grandfather, Anton Oberding, came to Canada 
in 1904 (his parents were Wenzel and Marie 
Oberding). At this point, my research shows 
that he came from Glogon. I would like to

Name :   Martina Müller
Date :   29.05.2009
URL/Email :
Comments :   Hello, my grandma was Maria Szabo, 
She was borned 1898 in Glogon and she married 
Johann Weisert. Who know something about them?

Name :   Volker Herle
Date :   29.05.2009
URL/Email :
Comments :   Hello !! I´m Volker Herle ... my 
Grandpa is Josef Herle who´s born in Glogon in 
1937 . Since today we live in Germany 
Rheinland-Pfalz . I´m very interested to learn 
more about my family´s history ... where and 
how they live. Thx for your nice website .

Name :   patricia taylor
Date :   april 24 .2009
URL/Email :
Comments :   HI I am the grndaughter of 
Josephine Rosenzweig,,My father was William 
Avender,,Great site ,I have just started 
looking things up and am having a fine 
time,Trying to get a handle on where we came 

Name :   Jared Korinko
Date :   3-24-09
URL/Email :
Comments :   Hi. Im doing a project on my 
family history and managed to trace it back to 
Gloganj! I was wondering if there are still any 
Korinkos left in the village, and if I could 
get some more info. Thanks! email:

Name :   Nena Mathews Close
Date :   01/14/09
URL/Email :
Comments :   yesterday was my birthday and also 
my grandmothers who was born in 1885 in Glogon, 
Hungary. Her maiden name was Elisabeth Winker 
or Winger and she married Mata Matyas

Name :   Wenzel Tirheimer
Date :   12-25-2008
URL/Email :
Comments :   Merry Christmas and best wishes 
for the year 2009 to all my Glogoner Cousins.

Name :   Dan Mackin
Date :   11/11/2008
URL/Email :
Comments :   Im the grandson of Frank Rieth, 
son of Joseph Rieth from Glogon. I am wondering 
if any Rieths still live in Glogon.

Name :   Joan Reichling
Date :   8/20/08
URL/Email :
Comments :   Hi Kathy....Your website is great! 
Better than ever..Joan

Name :   Bobana Velickovski
Date :   February 7, 2008
URL/Email :
Comments :   I visit your web site often. It is 
very refreshing and I love visiting my birth 
place through your eyes. I still have many 
familty members in Glogonj. Thank you for 
keeping me closer to home. Your devoted reader. 
Bobana Velickvoski from Kitchener, Canada.

Name :   Cheri
Date :   01-24-08
URL/Email :
Comments :   I have a family tree project - 
ongoing and my brothers wife s grandfather was 
Adolf Thierheimer to the US in 1907 via NY 
lived in St Louis Missouri. Please contact me 
if you view your guestbook I was wondering is 
Tieheimer and Thierheimer the same name or

Name :   Nena Mathews Close
Date :   01/09/08
URL/Email :
Comments :   Greetings from Oregon. Love the 
Glogon cousins site. Why is it so hard to find 
the sities on Google maps? Does anyone have a 
clue where a small town called Borcsa was ca. 

Name :   Wenzel Tirheimer, Jr.
Date :   12-31-2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   I wish all my Glogoner cousins a 
HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR, 2008. Thanks again for 
a great job done by Kathy and Patricia. Keep up 
the good work. Wenzel

Name :   Iva Markovic
Date :   09/12/2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   My greatgrandfathers name was 
Joseph Lui from Glogonj. His brothers Anton and 
Johann came to the States around 1905. Wish I 
can find more info about them and their 
families. Your site is great. Thank you for so 
many useful pieces of information.

Name :   Nena Mathews Close
Date :   12/08/2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   Would like more updates on my 
Glogon family Tree. I have a copy of marriage 
cert. for Grandparents Mata Matyas (Mathias) 
and Elisabeth Winger (Winkler)but cant read it. 
Anyone out there decipher German/hungarian, if 
I emailed it to you?

Name :   Daniel-Dorin Besu
Date :   Nov. 26.2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   Glad to see that people are 
keeping in touch with their roots!! Hello from 

Name :   Mile Lazevski
Date :   9/11/2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   Hi, Besides my 
village,Jabuka,which is next to Glogonj,I do 
like Glogonj mostly.I have relatives and many 
friends in Glogonj.Thank you for this Web-
site,I enjoyed so much reading about Glogonj 
and looking at its pictures. Best regards from 

Name :   Linda Bell
Date :   September 5, 2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   My grandfather is Adolfus 
Tirheimer (we spell it Theirheimer). He died 
July 29, 1956 in St. Louis, Missouri, buried in 
Memorial Park Cemetery, St. Louis County, 
Missouri. Grandmother Josefa (we spelled it 
Josephine) died January 4, 1958, St. Louis, 

Name :   Linda Bell
Date :   September 5, 2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   My grandfather is Adolfus 
Tirheimer (we spell it Theirheimer). He died 
July 29, 1956 in St. Louis, Missouri, buried in 
Memorial Park Cemetery, St. Louis County, 
Missouri. Grandmother Josefa (we spelled it 
Josephine) died January 4, 1958, St. Louis, 

Name :   Dave & Linda Thas
Date :   August 19, 2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   This is a beautiful site. Well 
done. We have enjoyed the Mt. Angel trip 
several times. We tried your maps site and it 
didnt go through. Wonderful photos of Glogon. 

Name :   Vivian Orozco
Date :   21 Jul 2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   Granddaughter of Joseph John 

Name :   Chrisann (Flanyak) Caliendo
Date :   7/18/07
URL/Email :
Comments :   wonderful website! Would love to 
know how my granparents fit into this family 

Name :   Sheena Wood
Date :   5/31/2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   Im Anna Tirheimers great- 
grandchild, Rosemary Pauls grandchild. I love 
this website. I love all the pictures. Proud to 
be apart of this family!!

Name :   Tammy Morrison Wagner
Date :   May 10, 2007
URL/Email :
Comments :   Hello! I am the Gr,Gr, 
Granddaughter of Mrtin Nagy (B1844 in Glogon, 
Married Josephine Schneider 11-17-1869. 
Gr.Grandfather Michael Stephen, GrFather Peter 
Anthony, Mother Diana Lee. I am looking for any 
info on our family BEFORE Martin and Josephine, 

Name :   mirjana /stoicov
Date :   l7.12.2006
URL/Email :
Comments :   moja porodica halvah iz glogonja 
uni[tena je 1944.45 godine moj otac schtefan 
ostao je kao ratno siroce ukoliko iko ne[to zna 
o tome molim da mi se javi hvala

Name :   Fox
Date :   11-20-06
URL/Email :
Comments :   My Canadian cousin got me onto 
this site, we are related to Buchlers of 
Glogan. Great job

Name :   Rainer Ganzner
Date :   03.10.2006
URL/Email :
Comments :   Mich interessiert alles über 
Glogon, vor allem die Zeit der Ansiedlung im 
18. jahrhundert. Meine Vorfahren kommen aus 
Glogon, mit dem Namen Ganzner, Gantzner oder 
Gansner. wer den namen in seiner Datei hat, 
bitte melden. Vielen dank.

Name :   Josef G. Zacher
Date :   June 30, 2006
URL/Email :   jgzacheredd@yahoo.ocm
Comments :   A heartfelt thank you to each of 
you who contributed to the history and memories 
of the Glogoners.

Name :   Lang Ursula geb.Trollmann
Date :   06.06.2006
URL/Email :
Comments :   Ich freue mich so über glogon was 
zu lesen.Ich bin mit den Geschichten aus Glogon 
gross geworden ,meine Oma Lohran Anna hat alles 
gesammelt darüber.leider lebt mein Vater 
Trollmann Georg nicht mehr.

Name :   Glen Fleischhacker
Date :   4/14/2006
URL/Email :
Comments :   Your site came up on world You have listed a Franz 
Fleischhacker from Raymore born in 1907. I 
believe his father is my Great Uncle Johann 

Name :   John Rieth
Date :   3/28/06
URL/Email :
Comments :   I just read the Los Angeles page 
of Patti Tersis Glogon page. What a great 
history lesson! Thanks

Name :   carol crocker
Date :   3/16/2006
Comments :   How exciting to find my 
grandparents listed as members of St Anns. Love 
the pictures! Grateful for the information to 
add to our family history.(Adam Binder -Theresa 
Hoffman had 5 children-Joseph, Adam, Katiza, 
Theresa, Stephen)

Date :   02082006

Date :   18/12/2005
URL/Email :
Comments :   Je suis descendant Anton Katitsch 
jhabite en france et heureux de trouver des 
documents sur mes ancêtres.mein deutch ist 
nicht gutt mein Vatter ist Anton Katitsch aus 

Name :   Wenzel Tirheimer
Date :   12-04-2005
URL/Email :
Comments :   Season Greetings to all my GLOGON 
COUSINS and good health for the next year 2006!

Name :   Wenzel Tirheimer
Date :   12-04-2005
URL/Email :
Comments :   Season Greetings to all my GLOGON 
COUSINS and good health for the next year 2006!

Name :   John Trollman(n)
Date :   10/18/2005
URL/Email :
Comments :   Johann & Anna Trollman 
(grandparents of my father) imigrated to New 
York, where he was a cabinet maker, and then 
after the 06 SF earthquake, to San Francisco, 
where he became a home builder. They had a son 
and 3 daughters, all of whom settled into the 

Name :   Susan Lowe
Date :   10/15/2005
URL/Email :
Comments :   This is a wonderful tribute to our 

Name :   Kathy Lara  
Date :   03/03/04  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   The Glogon Cemetery badly needs a 
caretaker. A fund has been established -
Donations can be sent to: send a International 
Money Order, made out to: Liesel Schenke 
Akazienweg 42 67346 Speyer, Germany  
Name :   John Rieth  
Date :   Feb 2nd, 2004  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   Thanks for making me feel closer 
to my Oma & Ota and dad who left Glogon in 1909 
for Los Angeles. It doesnt look as if its 
changed much over the years. John  
Name :   mick  
Date :   10/19/2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   looking for relatives  
Name :   Kim Hansele  
Date :   12-11-2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :     
Name :   Christina Sladen  
Date :   16 November 2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   Dear Kathy, Im one of your cousins 
from Canada! We met at a reunion several years 
ago in California. Fantastic job on this 
website! I appreciate all the hard work. 
Infectious, isnt it? I ope to see you again one 
of these days. Love, Chris  
Name :   mick s  
Date :   10/19/2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   looking for relatives  
Name :   Wayne Neverka  
Date :   10/16/03  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   I am estranged from my father, but 
am the grandson of Wenzel Neverka. This is more 
about my ancestors than Ive ever known before -
- thanks!  
Name :   Elizabeth Liebzeit-Cook  
Date :   10-3-03  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   Enjoyed your website and research 
greatly - my Liebzeit background includes the 
following: Great Grandfather - Albert Liebzeit 
of Greenwood, WI; Grandfather - Clarence 
Liebzeit of Greenwood, WI; and Father - Eldon 
Wayne Liebzeit of Waupaca, WI - and now m  
Name :   Nancy & Michael Magnet  
Date :   08/28/2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   Descendants of Widosh/Magnet on 
Kirchen Gasse Street Thank you for all of the 
Name :   Ilona-Trudy Konrath  
Date :   August 1, 2003  
URL/Email :   My  
Comments :   Are any Donauschwaben out there in 
my age bracket--78 years?. Please lets get in 
touch--there arent too many of us left. This is 
a great website although Im not from Glogon but 
Subotica and Verbas. I have a Donauschwaben 
cookbook, compiled by a refugee wh  
Name :   Natalie Trollmann  
Date :   July 10,2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   Im so happy to find your website. 
It has helped me to put together my endless 
journaling of the history of my Oma and Ota 
along with my father and our history. My 
beloved Ota died November 28, 2001. He was the 
last of the mohicans as I called it from his  
Name :   aorel STOJKU  
Date :   02 july 2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   great site!!we try to find people 
same family like us ;family name :STOJKU and 
Name :   Julie Molnar  
Date :   June 20, 2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   I enjoyed your website and photo 
of Austrian countryside. My father was Stephen 
Molnar of Tizsa Polgar. Any research tips would 
be appreciated. Sincerely, Julie Molnar  
Name :   mick scharosch  
Date :   6/12/o3  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   Looking up family tree of 
{scharosch}{Saros} ancestry  
Name :   Beverly Susnir  
Date :   June 3, 2002  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   This is my childrens heritage. 
Youve done a magnificent job.  
Name :   Laurie Zimmermann McNeff  
Date :   05/30/03  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   great grand-daughter of Josef 
Schiller, born 1882 Glogon, Hungary  
Name :   Stojku  
Date :   13/04/2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   im Stojku,my father is born at 
glogon,hes mother are kretzu, he leave ca  
Name :   John Rieth  
Date :   4-4-03  
URL/Email :   johnr@oregonfcu,com  
Comments :   My dad was born in Glogon and his 
Name :   Charles Thierheimer  
Date :   30 March 2003  
URL/Email :  
Comments :   Wonderful work.  
First Name :   Ryan  
URL :     
Comment :   Hi Aunt Kathy. I was doing a family 
tree and found your website. This is really 
going to be of great use. Thanks for doing all 
this work, I cant wait to look more into it. 
Talk to you later, Ryan Hunt, (Lindas son),  
First Name :   Mark  
URL :     
Comment :   Great site & pictures. I came here 
loooking for maps of Glogons and am glad I did 
as I found the village map which has all the 
surnames of my great grandparents listed on 
it...the search continues....  
First Name :   Kara Mayer  
URL :     
Comment :   You have done a wonderful job on 
this site! I have learned so much! Thank You!  
First Name :   Joseph  
URL :  
Comment :   Have been searching for some family 
history/orgin related to the surname Tiffinger. 
My grandfather came from Hungary in the 1900s 
from the village of Aka. Any information would 
be more than I have now . Thank-You  
First Name :   J. Michael  
URL :  
Comment :   Welcome! John Michael Lenninger, 
son of John Joseph Lenninger, son of John 
Hubert Lenninger welcomes John Jacob Lenninger 
to Jacksonville, Florida, b. 8/2001  
First Name :   marina  
URL :  
Comment :   Hello!! I enjoyed your website very 
much. I was born in Glogonj in 1966 and now 
live in Michigan. I went back to Glogonjin the 
summer of 2000. I took my husband and three 
children to see the village and visit with an 
uncle who has a house there. It was in  
First Name :   Cynthia  
URL :     
Comment :   Great site!! Searching Lehr and 
found information that none of my immediate 
family had!!! Thank you so much for all the 
work you have done!!  
First Name :   Denise  
URL :     
Comment :   What a great site! Just got Family 
Tree Maker for Christmas and was searching the 
Susnir and Halwax names from Glogon! I am so 
glad I found you.  
First Name :   Wenzel  
URL :     
Comment :   Great job and congratulate you on 
your effort for all that research that took 
many hours. I was born in Glogon in 1934 and 
remember all those names and faces of 
yesterday. Good luck and good health COUSINS!  
First Name :   Helena  
Comment :   Nice site! I am searching for 
ancestors LANG, PETER(s),EBERL,PECH, 
First Name :   Paul  
URL :     
Comment :   Thanks for the website and the 
fantastic pictures. Its finally nice to see 
where the Johs, Halwax and Fegers originated.  
First Name :   john  
URL :     
Comment :     
First Name :   Maximiliano Rosenzweig  
URL :     
Comment :   My family was from Austria Hungary. 
My ancestor left Austria with Maximiliano and 
settle in Mexico. Probably we are relatives. 
First Name :   Gordana  
URL :     
Comment :   glogonj je uvek lep. hvala  
First Name :   John  
URL :  
Comment :   Found the site today. I LOVE IT. My 
great grandfather, Gyorgy Vidos, aka Widosch 
(1863-1933) and my grandmother, Maria Widosch 
Seyffer (1902-1969) were born in Glogon. Thanks 
for all the work and great links! John J.  
First Name :   Wenzel  
URL :     
Comment :   I was there! Thank God that most of 
us can say "we were there". Wenzel Tirheimer 
First Name :   Susan  
URL :  
Comment :   I am the daughter of Josie 
Trollmann. Josie's brother was Andy Trollmann. 
Their parents were Rosalie and Franz Trollmann. 
Their paternal grandparents were Ursuala and 
Franz Trollmann and their maternal grandparents 
were Anna and Johan Wurtz. I would love  
First Name :   Diane  
URL :  
Comment :   I am looking for information about 
my Aunt, Josie Trollmann, who was born in 
Glogon in 1940. Her older brother was Andy 
Trollmann. Parents were Rosalie Wurtz-Trollman 
and ? Trollmann (killed in the German army. 
Grandparents were John (b. 17 July 1901)and  
First Name :   James  
URL :   Fox  
Comment :   Son of Elizabeth Fox (Rosenzweig)  
First Name :   Marlaine Sanders  
URL :     
Comment :   My grandfather was Josef 
Hirnschall. You have only four children listed 
for him, but my mother was the fifth child. Her 
name is Agnes Hirnschall (now Schmidt)  
First Name :   John T. Sonleitner  
URL :  
Comment :   Kathy, This is my 1st endeavor into 
a geosite,what a wonderful work you have 
created. If I can assist in any way, I would be 
honored! Simply Impressive!!! Hans.  
First Name :   Dale J. Tiffinger  
URL :     
Comment :   Great web site lots of history and 
information I have been searching for my family 
name many years first time I have found so many 
in one place  
First Name :   Dieter Lang  
URL :     
Comment :   Hi from Germany  
First Name :   versuch  
URL :     
Comment :   versuch  
First Name :   Dieter Lang  
URL :     
Comment :   Hallo, du hast viele, schöne 
Informationen rund um Glogon zusammgetragen. 
Mein Vater, Franz Lang, ist dort geboren. Mich 
interessiert die Geschichte dieses Ortes 
genauso sehr wie dich ... Mein Vater hat 
übrigens über Glogon (seinen Heimatort) ein 
Buch ge  
First Name :   Diana  
URL :   Heffron (Nagy)  
Comment :   My grandparents were from Glogan, 
First Name :   Lurline  
URL :     
Comment :   Thank you, thank you, thank you for 
such a neat website. My grandmother came from 
Glogon and it is so wonderful to see the 
pictures and all the great info.  
First Name :   Michael Compte  
URL :     
Comment :   I'm a Comte my dads mom was a 
tierheimer... another cousin told me about this 
First Name :   Janice  
URL :  
Comment :   Very well organized. Ron's eye has 
not lost it's touch.  
First Name :   Terri Sonleitner Law  
URL :     
Comment :   A wonderful glimpse at Glogon... 
the birthplace of my grandparents: John and 
Pauline (Kokas) Sonleitner. Thank you!!!  
First Name :   Raymond  
URL :  
Comment :   I like the website! Lots of info. 
No relatives of mine from Glogon though. Where 
did you get the mapa? Thanks, Ray